Common FAQ’s

Q: How do I purchase Quickset products?
A: Quickset products are available directly and also through a global network of distributors. Visit the “Contact Us” section of to submit an inquiry.

Q: Does Quickset offer “Project Pricing”?
A: Yes! Contact your area Business Development Manager for details.

Q: Does Quickset offer OEM/ODM services?
A: Yes! Please contact us at, or call 800.247.6563 // 847.498-0700.

Technical FAQ’s

Camera Systems

Q: Where can I find product installation instructions or product specifications for Quickset Sensor and Surveillance Systems’ products?
A: Installation instructions and specifications for many cameras and enclosures are located at – search by product. Or, call customer service at 800.247.6563 for assistance.

Q: I’ve followed the product instructions and my camera is not operational. How can I get additional assistance?
A: Quickset technical support is available at +1 847.498.0700, please call for assistance.

Q: I’m using Pelco D for control of my GeminEye system and the thermal camera isn’t working.
A: Upon application of power to the GeminEye, the cameras are supposed to generate a video image. A few customers have stated that their cameras default have been set to “off”. Typically this is easily corrected using the Test Emulator and resetting the default, however when a customer is using Pelco commands, this feature is not available directly.

There is a way to set (and reset) the default power setting using Pelco D commands.

Pelco Preset command 83 turns the camera ON.

Pelco Preset command 84 turns the camera OFF.

Pelco Preset command 41 stores the current camera state as the initial state.

For example, if we ship a product with the unit set to “CameraON”, and the customer sends the command “Preset 84”, the camera will shut off. If they then send “Preset 41”, the current camera state (OFF) will be stored as the initial state at power up of the GeminEye.

Pan and Tilt Positioners

Q: I’ve installed my pan/tilt into my security/surveillance system and it’s not moving when commanded and not transmitting any video image.
A: All of our pan/tilts are delivered with a 6′ test cable and remote emulator software that allow you to troubleshoot the pan/tilt independently from your control system. If the pan/tilt is tested using the supplied test cable and remote emulator software and functions normally, the problem lies within the control system, not the pan/tilt.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Verify that the unit is receiving the proper operating voltage. Check the schematic/wiring diagram that was delivered with your pan/tilt to make certain the proper supply voltage is being applied to the correct pins on the base connector.
  • Make sure the communication setting for the pan/tilt matches the communication method you are attempting to use. Quickset pan/tilts can be setup to communicate in RS-232, RS-422 and IP protocols. Make sure the baud rate and communication (com) port settings for the control system and the pan/tilt are the same. If you have changed com port settings make sure you have power cycled the pan/tilt so it can sync with the new settings.

For other Pan and Tilt Positioner, or Tripod related questions, please contact us at: +1 847.498.0700.