Hercules Tripod


When your mission depends upon the performance of a tripod, consider the Hercules which has proven itself reliable in thousands of critical use-cases. This track record of applications requiring 100% reliability assures Quickset loyalty and repeat business from major industrial firms and governments around the globe.

The superb torsional stability of the Hercules Series is matched by its support strength (up to 150 lb., 68 kg). A rack and pinion driven center column allows vertical height adjustments of 18 in (46 cm). Robust, thick-walled anodized tubular construction guarantees years of reliable performance, regardless of environment.


  • Payload capacity up to 150 lb.
  • Powder coated and anodized parts for resistance to harsh environments
  • Adapters and heads for various payload configurations
  • Exceptional torsional rigidity provides supreme payload stability
  • Ball-and-socket jointed footplates provide exceptional stability


  • 4-53021-8
  • 4-53031-7BQ
  • 4-53220-6
  • 4-54504-2

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