QPT-RF Pan and Tilt Positioner


Antenna positioner

The QPT-RF series of Pan & Tilt Positioners employ RF Rotary Joint technology for the management of radio frequency signals. These rugged antenna positioners support a wide range of antenna sizes, frequency bands and one or two isolated channels of RF pass-through signals. The QPT-RF product family is comprised of three different base architectures, granting the ability to articulate payloads from 75 lbs. to 750 lbs. Supplementary sensor payloads, such as visible and thermal cameras, can be mounted alongside the antenna to create a unified system platform. The QPT-RF and MPT-RF positioners are essential for applications including UAV tracking/ telemetry, satellite communications, radar, GPS and many others.

All RF, video, power and control data cables pass through an integrated slip ring to minimize exterior cables making cable management simple, neat, and safe. IP, RS-232 & RS-422, Pelco D Extended, and Serial control of the Pan & Tilt and sensors are standard. Serial data and lens controls provide plug-and-play camera load interfaces. If our standard offering does not meet your system requirements, please reach out to our development team to explore customization options


  • Supports antennas from man-portable up to 3 meters (parabolic/dish/patch/grid)
  • Multiple RF channel pass through configurations, from DC up to 18GHz
  • Positioner can be controlled via serial or IP
  • Can be integrated with multi-spectrum cameras (visible/NIR/SWIR/MWIR/LWIR), IR and visible illuminators, and laser range finders

MPT-RF Positioner

Taurus / Taurus-R Positioner