QMP / QMP-R Positioner


Mobile Pan and Tilt

The Quickset QMP Pan and Tilt was specifically designed to meet the most rugged ground vehicle mobile environments. The QMP design uses the same design techniques of the QPT-90 drive train, electronics and protocol interfaces, allowing simple system integration. An internal tilt shaft eliminates the need for a tabletop. Balancing the load in tilt minimizes the torque required to move the payload in tilt resulting in greater payload capacity.


  • RF pass-through turret 
  • 150 lb total balanced payload capacity (75 lbs per side)
  • Fixed or Mobile Installations
  • Mil-Spec Connectors 
  • Tough metal housing and gearing for durability in harsh environments
  • Marine configuration that meets IP-67 standards 
  • Universal wiring for sensor integration
  • Thermostatically controlled heaters standard


Sensor Integration:

  • Radar Antenna Systems
  • Multi-Spectrum Cameras (Visible/NIR/SWIR)
  • Thermal Imagers (LWIR) 
  • IR and Visible Illuminators
  • Laser Range Finders 
  • Communication Antennas
  • Acoustic Devices

Taurus/Taurus-R Camera System

Taurus/Taurus-R Positioner