MPT-90 Pan and Tilt Positioner


The MPT Positioner Series is our current generation of positioner products that leverages the strength and reliability of Quickset legacy products yet is improved with an enhanced electronics package offering new advantages to mission critical applications. For a wide range of payloads, Quickset offers positioning devices that accurately and reliably articulate the payload in azimuth and elevation.

MPT Positioners are equipped with an integrated Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS). This provides intelligence to users regarding the condition of payloads, allowing for preventative maintenance to extend the life of critical equipment. An embedded web server enables easy discovery and control of all positioners and integrated components on a network. Expanded velocity control offers the MPT finer resolution of speed and acceleration control, ultimately improving tracking and scaling applications. Users will enjoy the capacity of multiple configurable communication ports for convenient payload integration and communication as well as the ability to feed GPS location data for either static or mobile applications. Finally, if there is a feature or option not available that is critical for your application, please reach out to our development team for customization options.


  • Embedded web server
  • Serial or Serial over IP control
  • Health and usage monitoring
  • HD-SDI slip ring models available
  • Continuous Rotation available
  • Multiple payload communication ports:
    • 4 configurable serial, 2 TTL and 1 IP port
  • Payload capacity up to 100 pounds
  • Provides up to 90 foot pounds of elevation torque
  • Serial communication rates up to 99Hz.
  • Tabletop design accommodates a wide variety of payloads

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