EXO GeminEye-OGI


The IP-based EXO GeminEye-OGI is an optical gas imaging system with a High Definition (HD) Network Visible Imager that is the professional’s choice to monitor oil and gas applications and provide maximum operational safety and flexibility. As the world moves toward protecting the environment and creating a safer work space, automatic methane and other hazardous gas leak detection methods like optical gas imaging are becoming a common requirement for the oil and gas market.

The EXO GeminEye modular pan/tilt imaging system meets the growing demand for high-performance, OGI and leak detection solutions. Completely customizable, the EXO GeminEye consists of a modular system of “imager blocks” that can be easily adjusted to accommodate multiple configurations. The dual integrated Quickset sensor system offers the best of gas & liquid leakage detection along with real-time surveillance. The EXO GeminEye employs 24/7, clear and accurate observation through difficult operational and environmental conditions significantly enhancing detection, identification and appropriate response to potential safety threats. The integration of various sensors into your system increases the level of intelligence available to your team.


  • Cost effective, easy integration
  • 365/24/7 detection in harsh environments
  • Scalable to augment existing systems
  • Network control
  • Integrated H.264 and M-JPEG encoder with real time streaming video
  • Approx. 2.13 Megapixels daylight camera
  • Gas enhancement mode colorizes gas leaks
  • Long life HOT MWIR sensor
  • Quick change daylight and thermal camera modules with true plug and play performance
  • ONVIF, PSIA (Milestone, ONSSI), and GENETEC API, supported
  • Edge recording (16 GB microSD Class 10 UHS-I) on daylight camera
  • Leak detection of 22 different industrial gases