MPT-90 Camera System


The MPT-90 Visible Camera System uses the latest HD CMOS sensor technology to deliver excellent low-light capability. The system is paired with a true HD lens, and provides HD-SDI or IP video output, yielding a crisp picture that takes full advantage of the latest camera technology.


System Performance

  • Reliable, Repeatable Positioning
  • Wide Operating Temperature
  • Built for Rugged Environments
  • Slip Ring that Provides HD-SDI Video Throughput
  • HD IP Video Output and Control Optional

Day Camera Features

  • Auto Focus
  • HD or SD Imagery and Optics
  • NIR Corrected Optics
  • Fog and Haze Mitigation Algorithms
  • Excellent Low Light Performance
  • Optional Scintillation Removal and Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Optional Optical Image Stabilization

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