Quickset PTZ Contoller


When your applications require consolidated and versatile control, Quickset provides a state-of-the-art Graphical User Interface for its positioners and systems. Highly customizable and expandable, our GUI provides remote access to positioners and camera feeds, with real-time operation and video feed at the convenience of a centralized location.


  • Full ‘Node‘ Control
  • Pan/Tilt Control
  • Pan/Tilt Setting & Configuration
  • Camera & Lens Control
  • Video display of multiple streaming video feeds (**NOTE:  Video display is available on Windows-based installations only at this time)
  • Tours managed in the application and Tours managed in the pan/tilt
  • User Configurable Look and Feel
  • User selectable views
  • User selectable colors, fonts, and font sizes
  • User definable layout

MPT-90 Positioner

Mercury Camera System

MPT-50 Positioner