Unmanned aerial systems have forever altered the security landscape, specifically when it comes to the protection of critical assets. Quickset solutions track these UASs and provide essential visual confirmation of these threats.

Quickset Tracking Solution Brief

Border Security

Quickset understands the demanding requirements on border protection surveillance installations. We have a proven track record of supplying components and systems tailored to various homeland security needs in the harshest of terrains and climates.


Quickset customizes durable, precise antenna positioning solutions for aerial, ground, and maritime telemetry communications and satellite tracking applications globally. Our rugged positioners support a wide range of antenna sizes and offer integrated rotary joints for a wide-range of RF signals.

Test Ranges

Gathering visual documentation during vehicle and weapons testing provides critical information to further advance those technologies. Quickset has fielded dozens of positioners and camera systems that provide high-fidelity data to teams performing this research.

Force Protection

From embassies to borders to armored vehicles, Quickset offers critical solutions for those serving on the front lines. Our team is purposefully focused on equipping, protecting, and enabling those who depend on us.

Critical Infrastructure

The quality and dependability of our positioners and systems has led to their use in ports, energy substations, airports and similar locations worldwide. Quickset’s security solutions reduce the risk of economic loss and human injury at critical production, logistic and exploratory sites.